Center for Resilient Living

The Center for Resilient Living

The question isn’t if we will face stress,

but how we relate to it when it happens.

Our response defines our health and happiness.

There is a treasure chest of medical science supporting the health benefits of mindfulness.


At The Center for Resilient Living, we share with you our research and training in these skills. Using a proven methodology in our workshops and programs, we help you cultivate mindful living and stress-resilience.  


We work with groups at their location and we offer classes in local venues.


The Center for Resilient Living 

Mindful Based Stress Reduction, MBSR

Mindfully Changing Your Relationship to Eating

Meditation Practices 

Mindful Workplace Programs 

Custom Mindfulness Presentations and Seminars

Mindfulness Coaching 


Join us at a local class or email us to bring resilient living to your community!